5 Great Careers That Don’t Require A College Degree

College is not for everyone. Sure, you may hear about how important a college degree is for your future, but college simply is not the only option. Not everyone can get the career they want -- and love -- with a liberal arts degree. In fact, there are many trade school and community college certificate programs that will help you live the life you want without costing an arm and a leg in student loan debt.

1. Electrician: Electrician training courses are offered at many trade schools. Streamlining the path to a great career, these certification programs don't have you study ancient history or poetry. You learn the skills that you need to succeed as an electrician and get out in the workforce as soon as possible, usually less than a year.

2. Certified Nursing Assistant: If you have always been interested in healthcare, but weren't sure where to start, try certified nursing assistant classes. A CNA is the bottom rung of the nursing ladder but is also the support system that many nurses need to do their job. CNAs work directly with patients in both long-term care facilities and hospitals. If you decide to return to school, you can build on your CNA certification and earn your licensed practical nursing certificate (LPN) or even your two-year, registered nursing degree (RN). 

3. Phlebotomist: Another easy way to get your foot in the healthcare door is phlebotomy. If you don't pass out at the sight of blood and want to get to work quickly, be a phlebotomist. Whether you stay in a lab setting to draw blood or travel throughout a hospital during your work day, this certificate program can lead to a rewarding career -- without a college degree.

4. Chef: If you have a passion for food, a culinary school may be a better route to a career for you than college. Learning about food prep safety will be more useful to you in the long run than math and history classes ever could. 

5. Programmer: Coding is a 21st-century skill set that is in great demand, but you don't need to take all those college basics to get there. Many times, learning a programming language is all you need. Online classes are available for Java, SQL, Python and more. Learn one and start getting paid for your talents. 

While all of these great careers are obtainable in a year or less, they are still respectable career choices that will get you on with life, just sooner and with less student loan debt. Contact a company like HVAC Technical Institute for more information and assistance.